APRIL 17-18 2010
Phoenix – Flagstaff

The sun has not yet reached the horizon, the early morning is quiet and still, yet there is something coming, a low growl, a steady approach much like a radial aircraft engine of the 40’s. Around the curve and over the speed bumps, down shifting as only a racing instructor can do and into the parking lot arrives a beautiful red ‘75 Maserati driven by our Webmaster Dave Riddle. Following close behind and having just too much fun for so early in the morning is a Metallic Green XKR Jaguar driven by Craig Kenyon followed by His son, Kyle in every guy’s dream car, His own Jaguar XK8. And then as if someone opened the barn doors of history and out poured the classic sports cars that have stirred the desire and devotion of owners over the years, others arrive. MG’s, Triumphs and Morgans all find their place alongside Ferraris, Mercedes & Lotuses.  With grace that only a Rolls Royce shares with the group it slides into a parking place next to a curvaceous Lamborghini. In another instant, Porsches arrive, Minis are seen gathering, Volvos and BMW’s have all appeared out of the dark morning. Taking their place beside Bentleys, Fiats, Jensen’s and Alfas, you can now enjoy a sight reserved for those that truly enjoy the smell of gas with grease under their fingernails. The 2010 B.E.A.T. rally is about to begin, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.